Company LSC TEH d.o.o. was founded with a vision of creating complete solutions in the fields of mechanical engineering and IT. 



Complete Solutions

Quality policy

  • Quality and competitiveness

We position ourselves on the market as a company that offers high quality products. By using innovative technologies and approaches, we maintain the consistency of customers and gain those customers who are looking for non-serial products at a higher quality level. In this way, the visibility and reputation of the company in the environment is built. We always carry out the realization of orders within the agreed deadlines. All employees in the company cultivate a friendly and positive attitude towards customers. Our competitive advantage is our willingness to produce specific (unique) products in small series tailored to the needs and desires of our customers.

  • Growth and development

We monitor technological innovations in the field of metal machining (especially welding) and technological systems for machine control in production. We employ the most competent employees, whom we constantly train. By introducing a management system and new technologies into the production process, we want to increase the market for our products – to strengthen our brand, especially in Slovenia and the European market.

  • Finance

We want to gradually increase profits and added value per employee. We want to ensure constant liquidity and improve creditworthiness.

  • The process of continuous improvement

The company follows the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard. All employees are already improving the processes carried out in the company with their proposals. Given the small size of the company and the willingness of management to continuous improvement, communication in the company is good, which is a key element of the success of processes and the company itself. We constantly maintain the level of quality but at the same time we are aware that no one is infallible, so we acknowledge our mistakes, eliminate them and improve our work. The system of continuous improvement requires us to constantly monitor the set goals and identify appropriate measures to achieve them.

  • Decision making based on risks and opportunities

The company’s management is aware of the importance of continuous identification and treatment of risks and opportunities arising from the company’s operations. Decisions and strategic goals of the company are made on the basis of identified risks and opportunities.

Lesce, November 28, 2019 Luka Simič, CEO